Sue Gowers - Testimonials


The following testimonials are all verifiable on request

T. King, special needs coordinator, Stottesden Primary School, Worcestershire.


"Sue Gowers is a highly regarded and highly effective therapist who has successfully helped a number of pupils at our school. Sue creates and continually adapts her intervention programmes to ensure the therapy is not just 'off the shelf' but personalised , engaging and fun.

A particular strength is the regular communication with both school and parents. Sue reports back after each session and keeps all parties informed of proposed next steps. Parents appreciate this level of involvement in their child's therapy and schools welcome the opportunity to regularly discuss progress and any issues that arise. Sue encourages feedback and input from all parties, including the child receiving the therapy.


I have no hesitation in recommending Sue as a speech and language therapist; she is a delight to work with and she is an extremely skilled and professional practitioner".



TT, Secondary School Pupil with memory and organisational difficulties.


"The first lesson I had with Sue I was very nervous because I didn't know what was going to happen but I soon began to enjoy them.  In the 6 weeks I felt that my memory had improved significantly because she showed me helpful ways to memorise things, and I was more confident.  At the beginning I would say 'I can't do that', but now I say 'let's give it a go'.  Now I find it a lot easier to try things in lessons and feel that I have found school less overwhelming."



J & R Marsden, parents whose son has dyslexia and associated language impairment.


"We can’t thank Sue enough for the work she has done with our son. Prior to working with Sue, Rhys was struggling with school life and lacked self confidence due to his speech and language difficulties. 


Sue has worked in partnership with ourselves, school and the speech & language department to develop a program to support Rhys with his learning difficulties. In addition Sue assisted us in obtaining a “Statement” which now gives Rhys 15 hours 1:1 time per week with a teaching assistant. The transformation in Rhys is remarkable.


Prior to Sue’s involvement he was over two years behind in all his school work. Now, in the majority of his school work he is within the average range for his age. 


Sue’s positive approach to Rhys’s speech and language difficulties have also helped us as parents. She helped alleviate our fears and made us feel less isolated. We would have no hesitation in recommending Sue.” 


A & J Clews, Grandparents of a 5 year old boy with a speech disorder.


"Dear Sue


Now that T has completed his sessions with you I thought I would write and express our appreciation of all that you have done.


Firstly we were grateful for the clear and explicit manner in which you expressed your terms and the way in which you co-operate with the relevant schools. We were amazed by the speed with which you arranged and conducted an assessment and identification of problems, followed by an immediate introduction of therapy. The clarity of your explanations was most gratifying.


You developed an immediate rapport with T and he loved working with you, whilst we were most grateful for outlines of proposed therapy sessions and their outcome. Your calm and relaxed demeanour was a wonder to behold, especially under some trying situations. We must also mention our appreciation for the speed with you responded to any queries.


Of particular satisfaction has been the enormous success that you achieved with T... he is now comprehensible!


We would have no hesitation in recommending you and you may use this letter either totally or in part in any manner that may be of help to you.


Best wishes,


Alf and Jenny".



R & D Boulton, parents of a 3 year old boy with a language disorder


"Our son instantly took to Sue from the moment she stepped out of the car. She really took the time to understand what F needed and developed ways of working with him which she knew would be interesting for him. Sue was an invaluable help for our son and a great support for us. We highly recommend her".