Sue Gowers - Terms and Conditions/Fees

Effective October 2018



Prior to the start of treatment, parents or guardians will be asked to read and sign a copy of these Terms & Conditions. If these are not signed prior to commencement of the first session, the therapist will be unable to proceed with the initial assessment. However, a charge may still be made for the full session.


Initial Consultation


This can take place in the child’s home, nursery or school, to suit the parent or carer. It will generally last foraround an hour and a half, which will include a detailed discussion with a parent or guardian prior to seeing the child. Background information will be gathered to help inform the assessment process. This may include details of the child’s birth history, general development to date, any speech and language therapy that has taken place previously, family history of speech, language and communication skills, and information about other areas of learning.


An assessment will then begin to identify the nature of any speech, language and communication needs.

A verbal report of the assessment’s findings will be given at the end of this session, where possible, and a discussion will take place regarding whether further assessment or therapy sessions are required. If a parent or guardian is not able to stay until the end of the the session, detailed feedback regarding assessment findings will be emailed to them, usually on the same day. This will also be copied in to professionals concerned with the child (with parental permission).


Therapy Sessions

The duration of a therapy session will depend on the age and attention level of the child, but typically sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour. Sessions can take place in the child's home, nursery or school. A parent, guardian or other responsible adult (e.g member of school staff) MUST be in the same building whilst the therapy session is taking place. It is most useful if at least one such person is directly involved in the session.


Further Involvement


Contact may need to be made with the child’s school, pre-school or other educational setting in order to get a fuller picture of the child’s needs. This will be discussed, and no contact with school or nursery will be made without the consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian.


Distribution of Reports


Written reports will be provided at the request of parents. It is in the best interests of the child that verbal and/or written reports are shared between the therapist and other relevant professionals. This will only be done with parental permission.


Child Safety


During all appointments, a parent, guardian or other adult responsible for the child will be required to be present in the building.


Cancellation Policy


For failed appointments, where no cancellation has been made, the client may be liable to the full charge of the session fee (including travel costs if incurred). Notice of cancellation is normally required at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment may be charged the full session rate. If the child is due to be seen in school, it is the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian to inform the therapist if the child is absent from school on the day of the appointment, or unable to attend for any other reason.


Other Services


Training sessions and talks are available for groups of parents and professionals, and can be geared to specific areas of interest. These will be charged at a rate negotiated with the person or organisation responsible for requesting the session(s).


Service Limitations


The service is unable to provide back-up therapy should the speech and language therapist be unable to attend due to sickness or another unavoidable event. In a minority of cases, it may be the therapist’s professional opinion that speech therapy is not necessary or is not being effective. In such cases, the therapist will advise parents immediately. The therapist reserves the professional right to refuse treatment or withdraw from a course of treatment at any time.


Data Protection


Prior to the initial consultation, clients will be made aware of the policy regarding the holding and use of client information. They will be requested to read, sign and return this on the first session to indicate they have understood and agree to its contents.


The service has no contracts with private medical insurers. Any claims from medical companies are the sole responsibility of the client.



Initial Consultation (including full case history

and verbal report)



Subsequent assessment sessions



Individual treatment sessions


Written reports (per hour, pro rata) £75.00 Minimum


NB A 10% discount is applied to therapy sessions when pre-booked in blocks of 6 or more, if payment is made in advance.


No additional charges will be made for:


  • Telephone calls
  • Preparing for sessions or writing up case notes after each session
  • Consulting room rental (unless used at the specific request of the client)
  • Equipment rental or purchase.


Travel Costs


Travel expenses are charged at 50p per mile. These will be based on the return distance from my base in Easthope, Shropshire to the location of the session. Travel time is not charged.




All fees are payable within 7 days of the invoice date. Invoices will normally be raised on the day of the consultation.


The preferred payment method is direct bank transfer, for which the account details are shown on each invoice. However cash or cheques are also accepted; cheques made payable to Sue Gowers.

A £10 fee may be levied for each week of late payment.


Clients will be asked to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which form an appendix to each document requiring signature prior to an initial assessment. These documents are available for download here.