Sue Gowers - Data Protection Policy

Sue Gowers is registered under the Data Protection Act to hold records for the purpose of providing and administering patient care.


Registration number: PZ8951989


This statement sets out my policy in relation to the holding and use of information which I may obtain from you or other sources.


Declaration Of Principles


All aspects of my Data Protection Policy and the processes applied to support it comply with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations, which became the defining framework for all data management in the EU, including the UK, on 23rd May 2018.


There is one facet in which UK regulations relating to health service professionals constitute a waiver to the provisions of the GDPR. This concerns the so-called "right to be forgotten", under which clients may request that all data relating to them be deleted. Health service regulations require that all notes describing treatment and therapy be retained by the practitioner for 7 years from the date of the final treatment session or until the patient's 25th birthday, whichever is later.




The following information about your child will be held by me:


Case history, assessment results, records of assessment and therapy sessions, conversations with parents and other professionals, and copies of reports from other professionals. Exceptionally this may include audio and/or video recordings with the prior permission of the parent or guardian.


Information will only be obtained from, or disclosed to, people directly involved in the care of your child. Information will only be exchanged with the explicit consent of the child's parent or guardian (see the Professional Liaison Consent form, downloadable from my Downloadable Forms page). Should it subsequently become necessary to expand the distribution beyond the initial list, permission will be sought from the parent/guardian.


In order to comply with the standards of good practice recommended by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) it is advisable to notify the local SLT department of my involvement with your child. Parents/guardians will be informed of this recommendation and their consent sought prior to treatment, but consent is not obligatory and will not be assumed.


You will be asked to sign a copy of this policy to indicate your acceptance before the commencement of treatment. This is available from my Downloadble Forms page.