Lesley Abel - Testimonials


Parents of Teenage girl with Autism, Dyspraxia, Speech & Language Impairment and Learning Difficulties

'Lesley worked with our daughter, at home, from early in 2007 until the end of 2011. Her input and support for “A” (and us) was immeasurable, helping us through a SENDisT Tribunal, also then stepping in to carry out the hard-won therapy within the secondary placement. Lesley constantly demonstrated an ability to find successful methods to unlock “A”’s learning potential through speech and improve her behaviour via excellently written and thought-out social stories. Her encouragement enabled “A” to negotiate her way through high school and advocated for a specialist college placement, post 16.

Lesley’s clear and accurate assessments clarified “A”’s communication difficulties and untangled the way for us to help her learn. Lesley appreciates that as parents, if we understand, we can help our child. The home programme of speech and language therapy support was always well considered, positively achievable for “A” and demonstrated clear improvement to pre-agreed targets. Lesley also carried out similar therapy and provided training and support to many of the teaching staff working with our daughter.

Lesley has the highest levels of patience, knowledge, and kindness. Always professional and reliable, she is able to find a unique method or strategy to provide the greatest success for a given need. We were reluctant to lose Lesley’s input in “A”’s life and this was managed carefully and with compassion when “A” moved on to a specialist college with SALT input on a daily basis. Lesley provided excellent teaching methods, support and friendship both to our daughter and to us as parents. We cannot recommend her highly enough.'



Parent of Twins with Verbal Dyspraxia


‘Our journey with Lesley began in January 2009.


I was a desperate Mom. I had twin boys who had no intelligible speech at all. They were three and a half and due to start full time school that September.


I felt very lucky to have been given Lesley’s name and number and from the first conversation I felt completely at ease talking to her. I felt that I had found somebody who finally understood.


She came and assessed my two little boys and they were diagnosed with verbal and oral dyspraxia.


She put into a place a programme of speech therapy and came to work with the boys every week.


Within no time at all she had built up a fantastic relationship with them. Ben and Jake never saw it as speech therapy,they were just so excited to see what games she had bought to play that week. All of the sessions were full of fun!


Each week, at the end of the session, she would leave us with a programme to practice daily. I knew that if I had a problem I could always ring her.


Step by step the boys learnt individual sounds and slowly built them into words. It was going to be a long hard road but with Lesley’s help I knew we would get there. When they called me ‘Mommy’ for the first time it was magical.


Through hard work and Lesley’s expertise Ben and Jake now have 100% intelligible speech.


Lesley is a professional, very warm, friendly lady who is brilliant at what she does. I will never be able to say enough thank yous to her for giving my boys the power of speech, something which most of us take for granted.


I have and always will recommend Lesley to anyone who is looking for help with their child’s speech and language.’


Jake says “Lesley is the best in the world”



Parent of a Child with a Speech Disorder

'Thomas and I have worked with Lesley consistently over the last 4 years from when Tom was 4. In that time Lesley has demonstrated enormous knowledge, expertise, inventiveness, determination and patience.


Work and exercises have been developed on a bespoke basis to fit Tom’s needs, his ability and most importantly his interests! One week it might be football the next super Mario, but that way Lesley ensures Tom stays focused and enthused!


In the time we have worked together, Tom has made enormous progress so
that we are almost out of the tunnel and now just need the odd "service" visit to correct bad habits or just refresh things. And most importantly Tom still enjoys the sessions and games he plays and only now he's older does he realise it's work as well.'



Parent of a Child who Stammers


'I would just like to say how happy I am with the excellent professional service provided by Lesley in regards to speech therapy sessions for my daughter Hannah and more recently my son Oliver.


It can be very daunting to find someone who you can trust and have confidence in to work closely with your child.    After meeting and speaking with Lesley my concerns were eradicated.  I found Lesley to be a truly professional and caring individual with superior standards of work ethic. Advice and support were always available when required.


Therapy sessions were made fun and interesting. The outcome is that my daughter has greatly benefited from these sessions.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Lesley'



Dr Jonathan Darby, Senior Partner, St Margaret’s Well Surgery, Halesowen

'I have been fortunate enough to know of Lesley Abel’s speech therapy services for a few years now as I have patients who have used her skills. I have always had such positive feedback from my patients that when one of my own children was having problems, Lesley was the obvious choice for support. I was not disappointed. She provided not only a thoroughly professional, highly competent and efficient service, but also a caring one. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs specialised speech therapy provision.'



Bryony-May and Brendan O’Neill, Wolverhampton


‘The care, quality of therapy and the attention our son D has received from Lesley Abel since we contacted her eighteen months ago is unrivalled by any other professional we have ever encountered.


Lesley has developed and excellent relationship with D which enables her to get the very best from him and has achieved goals previously unreachable.


The imagination, sense of humour and professionalism Lesley possesses make her sessions a joy and the knowledge, support and advice she has given to us as a family make her invaluable.


We cannot recommend her highly enough.’