Lesley Abel - Terms and Conditions/Fees


Initial Assessment

The assessment can take place in the child's home, school, nursery or in certain circumstances online, and usually lasts between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. During the session, case history information will be gathered to help inform the assessment process. This may include details of the child's development so far, intervention from other professionals, and family history of speech, language and communication difficulties. An assessment will be made to identify the nature of the child's speech, language and communication difficulties. At the end of the session, a verbal report will be given and a discussion will take place about the best way to help the child. In certain circumstances, further assessment sessions may be required e.g. to observe the child in class, carry out more detailed assessment.



Standard Therapy Session

A standard therapy session usually lasts an hour and can take place in the child's home, school, nursery or in certain circumstances online. It is a minimum requirement that a parent, guardian or other responsible adult is required to be present during these sessions.



Written reports will be provided at the request of parents. Sometimes, other professionals may request written information and these reports will be undertaken with the permission of parents.


Other Services

Talks, workshops and training sessions are available for groups of parents and professionals, and can be geared to specific areas of interest. Quotations available on request.



Fees for the initial assessment are payable immediately. Invoices for therapy sessions are normally payable monthly, in arrears. Clients are requested to settle their accounts within 30 days. When clients book a block of therapy appointments and pay in advance, they are entitled to a discount of 10% off the total bill.

An administration charge of £10 per calendar month will be incurred for late payments. Cheques should be made payable to Lesley Abel.


Cancellation Policy

Appointments cancelled at less than 24hrs notice may be liable to the full charge of the session fee. Where therapy sessions take place within a school or nursery, it is the responsibility of parents to cancel appointments if their child is ill or unavailable for therapy.


Service Limitations

The service is unable to provide back-up therapy should the speech and language therapist be unable to attend due to sickness or other unavoidable event. In a very small number of cases, speech and language therapy may not make a difference. The speech and language therapist will terminate the input as soon as this becomes evident.


Privacy Policy

A copy of Lesley Abel’s privacy policy is available via the following website link:


By signing this form, you are signalling that you have read and understood the privacy policy.


The service has no contracts with private medical insurers. Any claims from medical companies are the sole responsibility of the parent.


Prior to the initial assessment, parents will be requested to sign and return a copy of these terms and conditions.



Initial assessment fee                                                                          £150

(Case history, assessment and verbal report)

Subsequent assessment sessions                                                          £75

Standard therapy sessions                                                                   £75

Attendance at review meetings (per hour, pro rata)                     from £75

Written reports (per hour, pro rata)                                            from £75


Travel costs

Petrol allowance is 40p per mile

No charge is made for travelling time