Lesley Abel - Data Protection Policy

Lesley Abel is registered to hold records for the purpose of providing and administering patient care. Registration number Z8786915


This statement sets out my policy in relation to the holding and using of information, which I may obtain from you or other sources.


The following information about your child will be held by me:


  • Case history
  • Assessment results
  • Records of assessment and therapy sessions and conversations with parents and other professionals. 
  • Copies of reports from other professionals.


Information will only be obtained from or disclosed to people directly involved with the care of your child e.g. relatives, healthcare professionals, social services or education professionals.


Information will only be obtained or shared if, in my professional opinion, it is essential to the treatment of your child.


Electronic copies of reports and letters are held by me, and are password protected. Hard copies of reports and letters are kept in your child’s file. Files are stored securely in a locked filing cabinet.


Records will be kept until your child's 25th birthday and then shredded.


It is good practice for me to inform the local NHS Service of my involvement with your child.


Prior to the initial assessment, the child’s parent or guardian will be requested to sign and return a copy of this policy.