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National charity for all people with a speech, language or communication difficulty.



The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice


British Dyslexia Association


The Dyspraxia Foundation

UK charity to help support those affected by dyspraxia and their families. Recommeded reading and software.


Contact A Family

Thorough site for parents and professionals of children with a range of disabilities. Lists support groups across the West Midlands. Useful publications and fact sheets.


The Hanen Centre

Canadian organisation, innovators in family-focused early language intervention. Includes programmes and learning resources for parents and professionals.



A UK charity which provides education and therapy services for children with a speech, language or communication difficulty.


Marches Family Network

Mutual support and workshops for families who have children with special needs or disabilities. A Charity supporting over 320 families in Herefordshire, Shropshire and the surrounding areas. They provide high quality respite care services for children with disabilities and special needs including Saturday Play Days, Summer Play Schemes and Buddying Services.


National Autistic Society

Information and support for people with autism, autistic spectrum disorders and their families.



Royal College and Speech and Language Therapists.


SEN Tribunal Advice

Advice for parents engaged in the Special Educational Needs tribunal process.


Talking Point

Advice on speech, language and communication difficulties in children, for parents and professionals. Run by ICAN, AFASIC and RCSLT.



The independent helpline for Special Educational Needs, offering a free, friendly, independent and confidential telephone helpline for parents and others looking for information and advice.

Tel: 020 8538 3731